Along for the ride: 2 podcasts to accompany you on the road

As the semester winds down and the holiday break draws closer, many of us will be traveling to spend time with family and friends. With traveling comes the unavoidable time-gap. Whether it be from long layovers or car rides, there’s no way around it. So what better way to pass the travel time than with a few podcasts? 

“Bad Batch” hosted by Laura Beil

For those who love true crime, “Bad Batch” can be your next binge-worthy podcast. Season one explores the investigation of a medical company that sold bad batches of stem cells to various clinics in Texas. The podcast chronicles the terrible consequences patients faced after unknowingly opting in for stem cell treatment. 

Host Laura Beil, an award-winning journalist from Dallas and host of the “Dr. Death” podcast,  explains how lies, deception and greed collide together in the billion-dollar-industry of stem cell medicine in the six-part series. 

Each episode builds on the previous, piecing together a larger-than-life narrative revolving around the stem cell company that promised their product would be able to cure everything.  Each side of this complex story is told as Beil delves into how the business took off so quickly. While some of us know the controversy around stem cells, “Bad Batch” gives listeners more insight as to why it’s so controversial. 

“Motherhacker” by Gimlet Media

This audio drama by Gimlet Media follows a mother named Bridget in desperate need of cash. With the weight of debt, an ex-husband in rehab and very little options, Bridget makes one last desperate attempt to keep her family afloat: an identity theft ring. 

Carrie Coon brings Bridget to life with wittiness and morally ambiguous choices that create an anti-hero, like Walter White from “Breaking Bad,” that listeners will come to like. 

Each episode tells a story of desperation and greed from a mother who tries to make quick money and support her family. While the main character’s intentions are questioned, we can all understand that choices made in desperation always catch up to us. 

These podcasts are guaranteed to help pass the time during long holiday travels and immerse you into some new stories.