Tarot Card of the Month: Temperance


Kelly Salinas / Hilltop Views

Tarot card usage can be traced all the way back to the 15th century.

Divinatory meanings:

Economy, moderation, frugality, management,


Hello my loves,

How is mercury retrograde treating you? If you’re anything like me, it’s been quite the ride. This nightmarish energy is precisely why I wanted to talk about the Temperance card. This is the time to focus on calmness–you do not need to be seeking outside answers, change or life changing moments. The only thing you need to be seeking is within. Understand that this is not a time for extremes–please don’t cut your bangs (unless you feel that’s connecting with your highest self, what do I know).

Dipping one foot in the water and one on the ground, the angel represents the balance between internal and external forces–the balanced, refined self. A sun rises over the mountains in the back in the shape of a crown. Your consciousness is rising. Only when you are truly yourself can you manifest your deepest desires and become confident in your identity. It is one thing to read your horoscopes and meditate, but another to beg the spirits and universe for clarity.

One does not have to beg: desperation only drives reward and clarity further and further.

Listen to your intuition: stop making excuses for other people in your life. You hold the cups. You get to decide who flows in and out of your life and who gets to make an impact. Protect your energy at all times. Manage your emotions and logic and make sure they are in balance.

The angel is passing water from one cup to another. Have conversation with yourself and understand that moderation is key. Do not give more than you take. Do not take more than you give. It is easy to want to spice things up when life feels like a lull, but it is even more impressive to find joy within the present.

Take care of yourselves, stay balanced and be kind. Everything is working out best case scenario.


MERCURY IS IN RETROGRADE until March 10. Watch your communication and stay true to yourself.

Tip: communicate with highest intention and kindness in mind.

Pisces season is Feb. 19 through March 20. Keep that dreamy energy flowing and take time to sit with your emotions.

Aries season is March 20 through April 19. After a heavy and emotional Pisces season, ignite that inner fire and go have some fun!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional astrologist or tarot card reader- these are my hobbies. Any predictions, advice, or presumptions are for entertainment only.