Return of the undead: ‘Kingdom’ season two rises with more action, suspense


Wiki Commons / Hilltop Views Mashups

‘Kingdom’ is the first Korean original Netflix series. The second season was released on March 13.

Season one of “Kingdom,” a South-Korean show on Netflix, leaves off in a shocking cliffhanger, leaving viewers in suspense as they watch hordes of the undead attack the main characters. 

To the horror of the crown prince Lee Chang (Ji-hoon Ju) and his people, the night creatures appear during the day to attack, baring their fangs at them. It is known to “Kingdom” fans that the night creatures always hide as soon as the sun comes out.

Since the season finale, fans have been waiting to see the fate of the crown prince and his people.

Now season two has arrived and the undead are back, proving to be twice as bloody, scary and gruesome. “Kingdom” focuses on Chang’s journey of finding out the truth behind the “plague” and fighting for the common people as he defends them against the undead. He also fights hard to get justice for his undead father while investigating the Queen (who is also his stepmother, by the way) and her father’s motives. 

This action packed season reveals answers that viewers have been waiting for and plot-twists that leave viewers at the edge of their seats. “Kingdom” never disappoints as we watch main characters Chang, Mu-Yeong, Yeong-shin and Beom-pal fight their way to Hanyang (present-day Seoul and the palace’s location). 

Like any zombie movie genre, the main characters fight for survival using swords, rifles and many more creative, bloody methods to behead the undead. 

Despite the undead being the center of focus, they’re not the real villains of the story. The real enemies are the Queen and her father, who do not hesitate in doing anything to take over the throne. 

The show highlights that the real evil is the people who take advantage of those who are less privileged and cannot to fight for themselves, which is why the common people need a hero like Chang. The Crown Prince is for the people, and it’s proven countless times throughout this new season. 

“Kingdom” is a good show, but some parts are a bit cliché such as typical character tropes. In every zombie film or show, there are always the same roles. There’s the tough leader that everyone follows and respects blindly, the bad-ass that everyone loves, the intelligent medic that everyone can rely on and the coward who can be useful, yet slows down the group at the same time.

“Kingdom” is emotional, suspenseful, terrifying and one-of-a-kind. Viewers who are stuck at home can rely on “Kingdom” to provide them with an interesting storyline with complex characters and creepy undead creatures to fill their time.