‘Chasing Cosby’ podcast peels back years of sexual assault accusations


L.A. Times, Spotify / Hilltop Views Mashups

Bill Cosby is currently serving his prison sentence at SCI Phoenix in Montgomery County. The final episode of ‘Chasing Cosby’ was released on Feb. 11.

“America’s Dad.” 

It’s a phrase that’s been synonymous with Bill Cosby for decades. Starring in television shows, commercials and comedy shows, he’s been solidified as a pop culture icon. To many, he was the embodiment of a traditional, wholesome family man. 

However, Cosby had a dark side, that was later confirmed with the first of many sexual allegations against him, starting in 2005.   

“Chasing Cosby” is an investigative podcast produced by  the Los Angeles Times. Hosted by Nicole Weisensee, who reported on the first accusation against Cosby in 2005, the podcast follows the accusations through the trial and conviction of Cosby. 

The first episode of  “Chasing Cosby” starts off with the first person to come forward against Cosby, Andrea Constand, and the legal battle that was waged back in 2005. From then on, each episode continues to build off of the previous and listeners are introduced to more women who’ve been assaulted by Cosby throughout the years. 

Listeners also learn more about how other people in the entertainment industry knew about what was going on, including  Cosby’s ‘right-hand man’ who knew what was happening for many years.The podcast truly keeps you wanting more, urging you to click on the next episode to see what will be revealed next.

What makes this podcast interesting is that it allows many of the women assaulted by Cosby to recount to listeners what occurred during and after the initial assault, from intimidation from Cosby’s legal team to the struggles of being questioned about coming forward so many years after the fact. 

It goes beyond just recounting what the women went through, also telling listeners about the positive changes these women made happen. For instance, Colorado changed their statue of limitations for sexual assault from 10 years to 20 years as a result of some of the women actively fighting for the extension. 

“Chasing Cosby” does a good job of being comprehensive and keeping the audience wanting more. If you’re a fan of true crime or investigative journalism, give this podcast a listen.