5 hiking trails to kick off spring outings in Austin


Isabella Bass / Hilltop Views

Austin is ranked of the fittest cities in the US, thanks in part of its many hiking trails to explore. Hiking and other recreational activities are popular during the warmer seasons in Austin.

With the weather heating up and the pandemic still going on, finding fun things to do during the spring season can be challenging. One good socially-distanced activity that will always be free is hiking trails. With so many hiking trails in Austin, the options are endless when it comes to enjoying nature.

River Place Nature Trail – 8820 Big View Dr. 

This is a great spot for getting an intense workout in, as there are several spots with stairs and varying degrees of steepness. The trail is also animal-friendly, with the only downside being a $10 fee on weekends. However, if you are an Austin resident with an ID, you are exempt from the fee.

Big Stacy Park – 700 East Live Oak St.

This easy trail is great for a relaxed stroll if you want to have a socially-distanced chat with family or friends. There are two playground sections for kids, as well as a basketball and tennis court if you’re in the mood for more than a walk. It also has scenic areas to stop and take a break, as well as somewhat secluded spots to make it more relaxed and intimate.

Southern Walnut Creek Trail – Johnny Morris Road and Govalle Park 

At over 7 feet long and 10 feet wide, this is a great trail if you enjoy bike rides or running or walking. The Walnut Creek Greenbelt trail has an extension on the southern side that leads to another 7 mile trek extending into Manor, TX, making it perfect for those who want a long and adventurous hike.

Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve – 805 N Capital of Texas Highway

This trail has several paths to venture on that vary in intensity as they go on. There are places to stop for a break and enjoy the scenery. It’s a great place to take your mind off things and enjoy several paths of varying density and scenery. This hiking trail will kill a lot of time if you have a free day with no plans. 

Isabella Bass / Hilltop Views

Mount Bonnell Trail – 3800 Mt. Bonnell Road 

This shorter trail has an amazing view of the river, and it’s perfect for a relaxed day when you want to spend some time outdoors, but you don’t want to do a heavy workout. It’s very scenic, and it’s a great place to take pictures with friends or simply enjoy the nice weather. 

Any of these hiking trails are great options to pass the time while the weather is heating up, and hiking is a great activity to enjoy some peace and quiet alone or have a chat with family and friends.