Q&A: International student Eugene Inotu discusses experience in St. Edward’s Community


Courtesy of Eugene Inotu

St. Edward’s University student body hails from 36 countries and speaks 28 languages. International students help make up these numbers.

St. Edward’s is a place with a diverse number of students from many backgrounds. In fact, the university is known for its lively international program, which gives students the opportunity to learn more about the community. We asked one international student, sophomore Eugene Inotu, to share some of his background and what his experience at St. Edward’s has been like so far. 

Q: Where are you from, and what brought you to St. Edward’s?

A: “I’m from Nigeria. I found out about St. Edward’s through my friend, who left Nigeria after high school to come to Austin. I ended up applying to the same schools that she had, and she told me about St. Edward’s.”

Q: What’s your major?

A: “I’m currently studying biochemistry. I really liked biology and chemistry in high school. I thought physics was cool but a little boring. I figured I should just combine biology and chemistry, and I got biochemistry.”

Q: How do you like Austin so far?

A: “The people here are really cool. I think it’s a really weird city and I love that. I also love Cabo Bob’s; I go every Tuesday.”

Q: How is Austin culture different from Nigeria?

A: “It’s different but also similar. Back home, because Nigeria was colonized by the British, we speak differently. So people here struggle with understanding the accent, and I have to repeat things. I would say that people here also dress more casually, and in Nigeria, even though we can dress casually there are certain times where we dress in cultural attire for weddings, birthdays and holidays.”

Eugene explained that in Nigeria, Independence Day is celebrated by wearing clothing from your own culture. 

Q: What were you most excited about for college?

A: “Meeting new people, exploring a new place. I like my comfort zone, and if no one pushes me to do things, then I won’t. Being here has made me more adventurous. I love going to different parks and seeing the city.”

Q: Have you connected with any other international students?

A: “Yes. I have met a few people, one from Tanzania and a few from Ethiopia. We like to joke around, and I think it’s pretty cool.”

Q: Where else would you like to travel?

A: “Did I mention that I really like my comfort zone? But I guess Miami or Hawaii. I like the way that they look in movies and I have always wanted to visit the beach.”

Q: If someone from St. Edward’s visited your hometown, where would you take them?

A: “Either my house or this place that I used to go with my high school friends where we play soccer. It’s a little bit like a bonding place and the games are really intense.”

Q: What do you do in your free time?

A: “I do a lot of homework, but when I’m not doing homework, I hang out with friends or watch Netflix.”

Q: What are you Netflixing?

A: “Right now I’m watching an animated series called ‘Arcane.’ I love it.”

Eugene is just one example of how diversity embodies itself on campus. His story and the many others that the international program has brought us, allows the St. Edward’s community to gain access to new perspectives and strengthen cultural exchange.