DIY Easter event helps students learn, be creative


Isabella Bass/ Hilltop Views

Easter baskets can be fun for people of all religious backgrounds, and can be cost effective as well. This event really helped show how fun making Easter baskets can be.

The origin of Easter is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion. However, whether you hold these religious beliefs or not, it can be a great time to have fun with family and get creative. The St. Andre Multipurpose Room hosted a DIY Easter basket making night on Tuesday to get students into the Easter spirit. Baskets, candy, paint and decorations were provided, making it a fun evening for everyone. 

There was an assortment of candy provided, including chocolate, Whoppers Robin Eggs, Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs and Jolly Ranchers. Decorative eggs, dye and glitter were provided so guests could get creative with their color scheme. There was also an assortment of colors of Easter baskets to decorate such as pastel pink, yellow, light blue and lavender. The baskets also doubled as picnic baskets, making them reusable for other occasions. 

If the process of making your own seems daunting, there are very useful tips that can be helpful when making Easter baskets. Easter baskets can be harmful to the environment, but there are multiple ways to make them more environmentally friendly. For example, using paper decorative grass is definitely recommended over plastic. Plastic grass is much worse for the environment, while paper grass will biodegrade and look just as pretty. Using paper grass is a great way to make the baskets aesthetically pleasing and it buries the items perfectly. 

Another way to be more environmentally friendly with your Easter baskets is to buy more sustainable gifts for them. This could include books and toothbrushes in addition to delicious candy and confetti eggs. Using recycled baskets and using them for other things after Easter is also a way to make your Easter baskets more environmentally friendly. 

Cost might also be a concern when it comes to making Easter baskets, but there are ways to keep the process cost effective. Candy sold in bulk is generally inexpensive, and there are many craft options at Walmart or dollar stores. You can also set a budget, either for the whole project or per basket . Getting reusable products will also help with the cost aspect. Being creative doesn’t have to be costly, and there are plenty of ways to avoid breaking the bank with this project. 

Making Easter baskets can be a fun activity for children and adults, and there are so many ways to make it your own. It feels really nice to have a lighthearted evening while also getting into the Easter spirit and potentially thinking about the meaning behind it. This event inspired me to get creative and think more about the different aspects of Easter basket making. There are a lot of ways to make Easter baskets less expensive and more environmentally friendly, making them just as pretty looking and fun to make. These tips are sure to make your Easter endeavors fun for years to come.