Collaborative trivia event kick-starts Women’s History Month

The Munday Library and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion hosted a trivia and open mic night on March 1 to kick off Women’s History Month, conducted by Maggie Bond, the outreach and programs librarian Assistant Director of DEI  Lionel Lopez.

 Attendees were greeted with a variety of snacks, beverages, music and conversation before the trivia game. Five teams of one to three people participated in five rounds of trivia with five questions per round. Each team chose their own name and selected a scribe for the answer sheets. 

Team I Love Dennis consisted of three members: Marc Taylor, president of Trans Wellness Organization and co-president of Disabled Students Organization; Pablo Garcia-Matthews, the editor-in-chief of “Behooved”; and Kris Feck, head of tech for TWO. 

“During Women’s History Month, I try to do my best to support women, especially trans women,” Taylor said. “I make sure to attend events and learn more and just show my appreciation to women in general.”

The round’s themes were women in literature, women in film, women in music, women in art and women in politics. Each round consisted of trivia questions like, “Which living actress has the most Academy Awards?” and “Dorthea Lang, Cindy Sherman, and Annie Liebovitz are all famous for working in which artistic medium?”

 Two of the teams made it to a tie-breaker round, where they had two minutes to write down as many women fiction authors. Each name was worth one point.

I Love Dennis stole the winning title from team Big Persona Disorda’, winning by one point.

When the trivia game ended, the winning team got first choice in choosing their prize, which included a Munday Library coffee mug or a tote bag. All other  participants  were awarded with a gift to take home. 

The event f also included an open mic night where students, faculty and staff were invited to share their talents through poetry or music. Participants shared a variety of poems, from personal work about love, to recitations of the poem “Dresscode” by Lena Vanzaca, performed by Mact Hawkes.

Grace Ford performed a poem they wrote in April of 2021 about a world without ideal body types. After sharing, Ford said to the audience, “You all are so beautiful the way you are, never forget that.”

Bond emphasized that she is the person people should go to with their ideas on events. 

“Women’s History month is a fun time to celebrate women,” Bond said. “There are always so many activities that familiarize and remind people about women in history.”

Be sure to stay up to date on any upcoming events on campus hosted throughout Women’s History Month, like the gender-affirming clothing swap hosted by the Trans Wellness Organization on March 28 in the St. Andre Multipurpose room.