In a wrinkle of time, the semester has come to a close.

Four and a half odd years traversing the deep and intricate folds of this gossamer path filled with many lucrative destinations.

One path which led me by some anomalous mediation, to the Hilltop Views office and ultimately in the role as an arbiter of news, a purveyor of stories.

Under the instruction of journalism professor Jena Heath, I found inspiration to write. On a whim, I reached out to Print Editor in Chief Jacob Rogers for the news editor position. And after a conversation, I became co-news editor along with Andrea Guzman.

Soon, I found myself among strangers, who became colleagues and then, turned into friends.

Working for the paper revealed simply, that those who choose to ally in the pursuit of truth will never be alone. For truth personified is a warm body — a brother, a sister to hug and a close friend who’s always there when other forces seem to be against you.

Production on Monday nights taught me a lesson on passion. The advisors, editors, writers, designers and staffers who put work into this paper are the cornerstone of civic balance on this campus.

They find themselves working fervently, often at sundry hours of the night, to master the craft of elevating the community via the power of clear and concise communication. In a time of flagrant cognitive dissonance and toxic levels of miscommunication, we need people who understand the radical significance of clarity now, more than ever.

Thank you Jena, Rosemond, Jacob, Andrea, Victoria, Maddy, Gabrielle and the rest of the Hilltop Views fam who were willing to engage in difficult and scathing conversations that make living in these tempestuous times a bit easier. You’ve all been true.

My time here, while brief, has been invaluable. I’ll hold the moments we’ve spent together tightly as I sprint toward the truth and catapult into my future.