New thriller captivates audience with unapologetically dark elements


‘The Girl on the Train’ throws a number of plot twists that keeps the audience engaged and guessing.

While critics have mixed reviews for “The Girl on the Train,” with the New York Times calling it “preposterous,” the film surely leaves a strong impression.


Released on Oct. 7, the thriller tells the story of commuter Rachel Watson, who continuously observes a seemingly perfect couple, Megan and Scott Hipwell, from the window of her train.


“Into the Woods” and “The Devil Wears Prada” actress Emily Blunt plays Rachel Watson, an alcoholic slosh in the film.


Blunt steals the show as she showcases the twisting and foreboding nature of her character without exaggerating the script.


One day, Watson sees a shocking scene of infidelity unfold outside of their home. Later that day, Megan Hipwell ends up missing. Watson tries to tell authorities what she believes she saw but struggles as she doesn’t trust her own drunken memory.


Watson goes on her own investigation of Hipwell’s disappearance, but in doing so, soon discovers that she may be crossing into treacherous territory.


The audience struggles with the correct point of view shown throughout the film as new memories are recollected from different Rachel, Megan, Anna and other characters.


It’s this play on differing point of view that makes the film twisty and unexpected– making the audience wonder which view is the correct one and how they correlate in the first place.


During one hour and 45 minutes, the audience is captured by the experiences of Hipwell’s neighbor and employer, Anna, who is connected in some unknown way.


The film creates a tremendous backstory for Rachel and Megan, showing the women they used to be and slowly inching them forward to the women they eventually become.


This backstory creates an unsettled, unsteady feeling, keeping audiences on the edge of their seat.


As Rachel’s memory gets stronger, creating new links, audiences welcome multiple theories. Yet as the film progresses, new information breaks these ties and the theories they uphold.


This thriller is edgy and dark, especially in its themes of domestic abuse, sex, loss and alcoholism. However, it’s the unapologetic manner in which these harsh elements are presented that make the film unique.


In the end, this movie was one that kept me members guessing and thinking. I was always captivated on the final outcome, no matter how “preposterous” it may have seemed.


The movie’s script idea comes from British author Paula Hawkins. While the thriller may have left out parts from the book, it was nonetheless striking.


This noir film’s farfetched and schmaltzy ideas will make any thriller fan’s heart flutter with anticipation. This is the film to see to set the spooky scene for the last week of October.