Proud: Hindi Alotaibi

Most people dream while they sleep, but international student Hindi Alotaibi dreams before he goes to sleep.

Alotaibi dreams of his family and his home in Saudi Arabia. He takes a moment before drifting off to think about his parents and siblings. He wonders what they might be doing at that exact moment. Some of his relatives’ days begin eight hours before his.
Alotaibi is eventually able to know exactly what they’ve been up to reading the “hundreds” of texts from them to sift through upon leaving class.
Now in his third year at St. Edward’s, Alotaibi has grown to also think of Austin as home, for the time being. He hopes to return to Saudi Arabia upon earning his degree in chemistry.
With that degree, Alotaibi aspires to make strides not the fields of science or research, but in the education system of Saudi Arabia. Currently he volunteers at Fulmore Middle School and helps students who are struggling academically.
Alotaibi said he recognizes the great amount of change that needs to take place so that students in Saudi Arabia are able to apply themselves in school as he has. A position as a teacher or principal would not be enough for him.
Explaining that he feels a leadership position rather than teaching position would make a larger impact towards improving education in Saudi Arabia, Alotaibi said, “If you want to change the education system, you do not teach.”
In Saudi Arabia, Alotaibi would go to the desert with his family, camel and cows to feel thankful for all that they have. Or spend time in his father’s lounge, where his family is able to connect to the entire town as they drop by to drink coffee and tea and socialize.
“I feel like the country itself, the achievements of it, the education they’ve developed, the position that they have right now among other countries in the world,” Alotaibi said about his national pride “They’re one of the best, and that’s special.”