Proud: Nia Delmast

With aspirations to work with the Peace Corps, sophomore Nia Delmast has big plans for her future, including studying abroad in Morocco next fall and exiting the red doors in 2018 upon her early graduation.

A global studies major, Delmast is currently taking Arabic in preparation for studying abroad in the Middle East next year. When she isn’t in Austin, Delmast is at home with her mom and brother in Dallas.

Delmast takes advantage of a variety of events in Dallas with her close-knit group of friends, including activities like swing dancing at the Sons of Hermann Hall. Delmast also attended a Black Lives Matter rally with a friend at the University of North Texas, shortly after the shooting of five Dallas police officers in July.
At St. Edward’s, Delmast is involved in activities that show her keen interest in people and the world, from acting as vice president of Circle K International (a nonprofit service organization) to starting the conversation club (an on-campus group that allows international students to improve their english speaking with one another).
Often teased about her hair throughout middle school, Delmast would straighten her hair regularly. Beginning sophomore year of high school though, she decided to embrace it by keeping its natural look and has recently began “having a lot of fun” going back to her roots. Literally, her follicles.
“I just feel like black women specifically are just a very strong demographic,” Delmast said. “And I feel like we’re really taking ownership of who we are and defying stereotypes and embracing ourselves. It’s really beautiful to see, and I’m glad to be a part of that.”
For the next chapter of her life, Delmast is considering graduate school and even applying to be a Fulbright scholar.