New rideshare app takes Austin by storm

The new ridesharing app Fasten has just arrived in Austin. It works in the same way that Uber and Lyft used to, but is much cheaper, in comparison.

On May 9, Uber and Lyft chose to leave Austin. Elections were conducted in Austin for fingerprint based criminal checks where 56 percent of Austin voted for it. These two companies spent more than $8 million to repeal the city ordinance requiring fingerprint check.

Since then, students and other regular customers have had to find other ways to get around. Most alternatives were either too expensive or uncomfortable. Let’s face it. Austin was addicted to Uber and Lyft.

Now, after three months, Austin got another hope of light. Fasten is here to conquer the heart of the people living in Austin. Let’s put some light on the pros and cons of this app.

The new app is available all over Austin and provides a cheaper ride then Uber or Lyft. Along with the cheaper rides, Fasten also has a lower waiting period. It will take a maximum of five minutes for a ride to be at your door steps.

On the other hand, Fasten still has some glitches. This app might crash in the middle of nowhere. I say this based on a real experience. My friend called a ride from Fasten, but as soon as the ride came to pick her up, the app crashed, and due to this, the driver refused to give her a ride.

Based on my personal review, I will give Fasten a five star rating, because I didn’t face any problems. Plus, it is so convenient and cheap to order a Fasten ride. It’s fine if you aren’t carrying cash because payments can be made through credit, debit, or PayPal account.

Tracking is also made easier with this app, as you can see where your driver is, how long it will take for your ride to reach your door steps, and how much you’re looking at paying. Everything is at the tip of your fingers.

Just a quick overview: for ones who care about their friends and family, they can see the fare in real-time and track them down. Also, even if it’s bad weather or rush hour, rates remain the same. It has recruited thousands of drivers, so it’s just a call away. You book your cab via the app and within minutes, the car is at your doorstep. Fasten differentiates itself from other Transportation Network Companies by treating its drivers as customers, not commodities.

Though it’s new in town, Fasten has been trending upwards every single day. People who travel with it are quite content, and their reviews reflect this. The app’s social mediais flooded with positive reviews from customers who have actually appreciated Fasten service.

However, it will take time for this newcomer to settle their feet in a place where Uber and Lyft used to rule. It will be hard for Fasten to convince Austin to ride them, but once they do, they will be in business.