Cartwheel app offers target shoppers cheap prices and great deals

Calling all Target lovers. If you haven’t downloaded the Target coupon app “Cartwheel,” you haven’t had a true Target shopping experience.

Launched in 2013, Cartwheel is the rewards app for smart phones created by the company. The app allows customers to choose from offers ranging from 5 to 50 percent off on a variety of products. Offers are divided into typical store categories, such as: apparel, beauty, cleaning supplies, electronics, food, health, home, music, movies and books, party and holiday, pets and toys and sports.

Customers can go through these categories and choose up to four qualifying items per transaction. The customer adds the selected products to their list, which is then transferred to the barcode that encompasses all of the items into one code. This code is scanned at checkout, ultimately saving money.

The customer can see how much money they saved on their receipt, and the satisfaction of savings keeps the customers coming back time and time again.

It’s the simplicity and ease of the app that makes it so innovative and useful for Target shoppers. Saving money lies just at the fingertips.

The app creates even more of an incentive for customers to shop with a point system that tracks when save money and earn badges. When they hit certain milestones the user has potential for even more rewards. Some of these rewards range from free cereal to free holiday decor.

What’s even better about the Cartwheel app is the fact that it can go hand-in-hand with other coupons at the store.

Shoppers can bring physical coupons from newspapers, stack savings with rebate offers, use the 5 percent off using a Target REDcard and still use the discounts from the app.

While these bits of cash seem minimal at first, it all really adds up.

With all of this said, make sure to keep an eye out every Sunday when Target releases new offers.

It can’t get much better than getting a fantastic deal for products with high quality like those at Target — let’s get to saving!