Faculty Senate meets

The Faculty Senate met for the first time after the resignation of Vice President for Academic Affairs Mary Boyd.

Sister Donna Jurick, executive vice president and interim VPAA, was the first person to speak at the meeting Friday. She addressed concerns over the sudden departure of Boyd and added that she is confident she can take over until a replacement is hired.

“What I’ve spent a lot of time this week doing is trying to get up to speed on all the things I tried to stay out of for the last four years,” Jurick said.

For nearly 25 years, from 1988, until about four years ago, Jurick said she did the same job.

On Sept. 16, Jurick said she was in a Detroit airport when university President George E. Martin called to inform her of Boyd’s resignation. Martin asked her to fill in the spot, then notified the deans later in the day.

“She is definitely committed to the mission, she’s experienced in what the position requires and has executed it … for many years,” Senate President Lorelei Ortiz said.