Construction zone: Parts of campus shut down, projects still on schedule

Jacob Rogers

If you walk around the campus of St. Edward’s University, you’re bound to notice all the construction projects going on.

Main Building, Holy Cross Hall, work outside of the Fine Arts Building, the building of an Operations Building and new apartment complex are areas of campus with construction projects happening.

Work began on the iconic Main Building in July.

Updates include repairs to the windows, roofing, limestone facade and central tower, according to a St. Edward’s press release. Nearly $3.5 million was raised to fund the project.

Main Building was constructed in 1888, and underwent repairs in 1903, after a fire, and in 1922, after a tornado. In 1986, a renovation project addressed structural problems.

Work on Holy Cross is scheduled to begin in December, where extensive work will be made in the interior of the building.

A new Operations Building is currently under site preparation, Director of Communications Mischelle Diaz said. It is expected to be completed in the spring. The building is located near the Lower Soccer Field and will house the University Police Department, Facilities and postal services.

In between the Fine Arts Building and Doyle Hall, construction popped up during the first week of classes. The work is being done to a water line that provides water to a fire hydrant, and that construction is related to the Operations Building. Diaz hopes this project will be completed in the next week.

In what is the biggest construction project currently underway is the new apartment complex. The complex will have 124 units and will house nearly 450 students. Each apartment will come furnished and have a full kitchen.

Construction on the building is taking place Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Diaz said. She would go on to say she has not received any complaints due to the noise.

“Those construction hours are strict because of consideration of the neighbors and students,” she said.

The Woodward Office Building was taken down to make space for the complex. Before it was taken down, the Austin Fire Department, along with UPD, conduct ed training exercises, Diaz said.

All construction projects are on schedule and the new apartment complex will be ready for next year, Diaz said.