President: Anna Lopez


Student Government Association election panel

Hello, my name is Anna Isabel Lopez. I’m a communication major expecting to graduate in May 2017 and I aspire to be your next student body president.

Currently, I am serving as the Big Event director and have the privilege of holding leadership positions in other student organizations. I strongly believe I have acquired an immense amount of awareness in alliance and empowerment for others from being a communication major and this year’s Big Event director.

I have learned the importance of collaboration, exceptional work ethic, accountability and the philosophy of macro and micro management in demanding circumstances.

I hope to utilize these skills through the vision, Ben Griffith and I, have for the future of the Student Government Association and St. Edward’s University.

Driven by our mission, our resolution is to actively execute a more established investment of sheerness and engagement with the students. We want to truly reach out to the students and see what they need, not expect them to come to us or dictate what we think they need.

We aim to reflect on past accomplishments and fallouts, more importantly leave things better than we found them. That is our hope, and our mission.