Farm to Work program brings convenience, fresh produce to campus

St. Edward’s University’s Office of Sustainability has launched Farm to Work on campus, an initiative designed by the Sustainable Food Center here in Austin.

Because the SFC rotates the farmers that bring produce to the campus, each week there’s a variety of food available based on the size and location of the farm as well as what’s in season.

Farm to Work is independent of St. Edward’s and allows students, faculty and staff to purchase baskets weekly.

Unlike other community-supported agriculture programs, Farm to Work doesn’t necessarily require subscriptions to participate in the program.

Those who wish to support Farm to Work can sign up for a weekly newsletter that includes what’s being offered for the following week as well as relevant recipes.

All that is required is that someone pick up the basket on the day of delivery, since there are no refunds.

There’s also no middleman involved. Instead, volunteers include those appointed by Cristina Bordin, chief-of-staff and liaison to the Board of Trustees.

Students, faculty and staff can grab their baskets while they’re already on campus.

For some, going to a typical farmer’s market may not be convenient due to time or location.

Kelsey McClure, administrative coordinator for the Office of Admission, has been buying produce through Farm to Work since the beginning.

McClure, who currently lives in Blanco, Texas, said that having such a program on campus is convenient because of her commute and schedule.

“It’s like a farmer’s market for people who like to sleep,” McClure said.

Tecalote, out of Manor, Texas, is the new farm that partnered with the university, but the program rotates the farms based on location and orders, according to Bordin.

Because of this, “the program is not just a monopoly,” Dean of International Admission Amy Kice said.

Kice has tried other CSA programs and farmer’s markets, but enjoys Farm to Work because it’s on campus and allows supporters to see what’s available before they place an order.

The organization’s partnership with St. Edward’s has allowed students, faculty and staff to purchase baskets since February of this year.

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Cristina Bordin at [email protected].