New Movement hosts free improv comedy show that relieves audience anxiety, stress

Every Monday night from 8-9pm The New Movement hosts a free improv comedy show called F— This Week.

The unique show near Lavaca and 7th hosts New Movement comedians (also called “performers” by the theater) who ask the audience to articulate any complaints, worries and stress they’ve experienced throughout the week. Through comedic creative improv, the performers aim to hear audience members’ grievances and make them a little less miserable.

Audience members raise their hands to tell their stories, and the comedians ask additional questions in order to get a good feel on how to perfectly depict the situation.

Within no time, the performers are ready to start their act; they ask the audience members to raise their drinks (and if you do not have a drink, your middle finger) and shout “f— this week!” Then the lights shut off momentarily and the comedians get into their positions.

Throughout the allotted hour, they will do absolutely anything and everything remotely related to the story to receive the inevitable eruption of laughter.

This week, one audience member told the story of how he tripped off the alarm while taking care of his friends’ dogs in a high-class North Austin neighborhood, and how the suburban wives suspiciously questioned him as he revealed himself as being from South Austin.

The performers not only hilariously recreated the scene of the uppity suburban wives, but even created about five other storylines related to the topic.

At one moment, they even incorporated St. Edward’s and the Hilltopper hand sign after realizing that St. Edward’s students had infiltrated the audience.

In just the short hour, the comedians were able to wildly recreate the bland stories of a woman who got the flu and a man who has to move his father’s belongings from Houston to Austin, giving the stories an entirely new feel.

No matter what, these trained comedians were up for any task and were able to work in perfect sync with one another.

The New Movement, being a smaller venue, really allows the audience to feel welcomed and engaged in the performance.

It was clear from the clapping and tears of laughter that this show was one that definitely took a little extra anxiety off for the week for audience members.

It was a way for the audience to really destress and look at the coming week little more lightheartedly.

The New Movement has found a way to make Monday’s a little more bearable with a night of free comedy.