“Work” music video continues teasing viewers with questionable Drake-Rihanna relationship

The Barbados native singer is at it again. From her early songs like “Pon de Replay” and “Umbrella” all the way to “Stay,” Rihanna finally hit us with a new hit single. In her latest song “Work,” featuring pronounced artist Drake, she gives us a snippet of her eighth studio album “ANTI” which was released on Jan. 28.

Rihanna was previously spotted shooting scenes with Drake back in early January in his home city, Toronto.

The video is filmed by director X who transforms popular Toronto restaurant The Real Jerk into a nightclub. The video reflects X’s previous work, “Get Busy” with Sean Paul, according to according to Nosiey, Vice’s music channel.

The set is dimly lit, and Toronto’s West Indian Roots style of dance is apparent.

Throughout the entire video, Rihanna and Drake take turns serenading each other through some risky moves. This is not the first time the two were intimate in a video together.

Back in 2011, Drake had Rhianna featured in his album on the song “Take Care.” In this video, not only is the language sexual, but the physical tension is so high that couples everywhere questioned whether their relationships were real.

According to OK! Magazine, Drake denied that he and Rihanna were dating.

“We’re cool as friends, we hang out a lot because we’re in that circle of music, but we’re just friends,” Drake said.

Now jump to four years later and again, the flirting duo are at it again. There is no denying there’s some chemistry in this steamy video that has viewers questioning what is going on.

The video starts out with the two in a small club. They are surrounded with ladies twerking and people smoking weed and drinking. Talk about anything but innocent.

The next scene switches to Rihanna and Drake alone in a pink dimmed room singing to each other. While watching for the first time, I couldn’t understand the song’s lines because I was too focused on Rihanna’s questionable moves.

She is known for her provocative moves, but in this video, she’s over the top.

The explicit nature of the video prompted me to question how much Drake and Rihanna can get away with displaying these moves on the big screen. Although they are two of the biggest artists in hip-hop and extremely musically talented, they seem not to care about the reputation they are displaying. The video — showing drugs, alcohol and a little touching-feeling from the two artists — is close to an R-rated movie not everyone wants to see.

However, the song alone is worth listening to. To hear “Work” live, follow Rihanna’s tour. It started this past February. For the big fans here in Austin, Rihanna will hit the stage May 14 at the Frank Erwin Center.