iPhone app helps keep passwords safe and within reach

Ely Garcia

1Password by Agilebits Inc. is your state-of-the-art vault that helps keep your digital life secure, always available and safe behind the one password that only you know.

This is beneficial for all kinds of information we need on a daily basis, from addresses and credit card numbers to locker combinations and one-time passwords. This is also a great way to organize all of your private information into one app that only you can log into. This is especially useful in college, when you have to log in to so many school-related programs and constantly come up with new usernames and passwords.

With 1Password, you now have the opportunity to avoid storing all these passwords in unsecured programs or in areas that could be forgetful. You can rest assured that all of your info is secure and accessible.

I am constantly looking for apps that can help me be more efficient in college, and this is an app that has helped keep my life little more orderly. The app is in the Essential section in the App Store, and it has every right to be with its leading edge technology and ease of use.

Once you download the 1Password app, you come up with a master password so you can access all the information you’ll be securing in the app. You can use your fingerprint on Apple devices as well. Then you use the simplistic navigational menu to generate strong and unique passwords, save them securely and fill them on websites and participating apps with just a few more taps.

So how does 1Password keep your private information safe and secure? Besides the fact that the vault locks automatically and has a Touch ID, the app also utilizes AES 256-bit encryption to keep your information secure.

Even though there is a paid version of the app, the free one is just as effective. With 1Password, you can log into websites automatically, fill out personal information quickly and even sync the app across all mobile devices and computers for maximum efficiency.