Stocked cabinet: Student Government Association inducts new members

The Student Government Association called a special session Jan. 28 “in order to question and evaluate nominees to vacancies within the Executive Branch and expedite Association business,” according to an email from Vice President Jonathan Edwards to SGA members.

Previously, SGA was missing a chief financial officer, both internal and external affairs directors and a service director.

However, the crucial role to fill was the CFO position, as the association was unable to spend any money until someone was appointed.

“The bank account is now open,” Edwards said after inducting the new CFO.

Although SGA had been lacking a CFO, Edwards said that there was no pending legislation that required funding.

“No current Senate initiatives were stopped,” Edwards said.

“The Big Event,” a university wide service project that SGA is in charge of, was also unaffected by the vacancies.

“Everything is on schedule for the event,” Sen. Ruby Deleon said.

Edwards explained that the reason the positions remained empty for so long is that no one is allowed to appoint new staff besides the SGA President Jonathan Cruz: “I don’t have any authority to dictate that process. That’s reserved to the president. Not even the chief of staff can appoint people to the cabinet.”

Edwards also explained that there is no deadline for appointing new staff — the president can decide to induct new members whenever he feels like it’s necessary.

“There is no deadline,” Edwards said. “It is whenever the president fills the position.”

At the induction ceremony, the inductees each gave brief statements about what they plan to do after joining the SGA.

“I believe in connecting with organizations, especially with how much power we have at SGA,” said junior Ashley Esparza, the new external affairs director.

As the external affairs director, she is in charge of organizational outreach.

She said she hopes to work with the office of sustainability on campus and has talked to several other students and organizations on campus, including the car club.