New adult coloring book debuts at Pinthouse Pizza

There is only one feeling in the world that has the power to unite the global adult population in a single, ultimate sense of solidarity: stress.

An innovative and relaxing new technique has been presented to help adults everywhere decrease their levels of stress: the adult coloring book, a new and ultimate method of relaxation.

A team of artists from combined their talents in order to create a coloring book with intricate and complex design patterns that require dedicated time, energy and concentration to complete.

This is a form of “art-therapy” that allows for adults to de-stress by focusing themselves entirely on the single project present in front of them, giving them an opportunity to shut out the world around them and immerse themselves in the world of coloring.

The nostalgia wrought by this child-like activity adds to the sense of relaxation as those who participate feel their thoughts simplify and tranquilize as they immerse themselves in the action of coloring.

MindCanvis debuted its newest coloring book, “Sprit Animals,” at Pinthouse Pizza on Feb. 3 in Austin. They sent out a call for all adults interested in participating, telling them to bring their own art supplies in order to take part in the fun.

The line to enter the restaurant wrapped around the street corner as many excited adults jumped at the opportunity to participate in such a relaxing activity.

Strewn across long wooden tables were plates of delicious pizza alongside coloring pencils and half-finished coloring pages. Families and friends gathered around, enjoying a relaxing evening of coloring accompanied by food and casual conversation.

Such a setting created a very intimate ambiance for customers as they shared their personal expressions of creativity with one another.

It was an evening dedicated to removing oneself from external sources of stress and worry. Devoting time and energy to this innovative form of “mind-yoga” can easily decrease the stress wrought on by our often fast-paced and chaotic lifestyles.