Sloth app proves useful, helps users avoid procrastination

Ely Garcia

Sloth by Frogdog Labs LLC is a task manager that helps you be more efficient with your time.

The irony in the title of the app and its use is humorous, but it is actually quite effective. Although it is named after a slow moving mammal that sleeps 15-18 hours a day, the app is intended to help you sharpen your focus, overcome procrastination, conquer perfectionism and mainly be more time conscious.

It accomplishes these things by using three key components: time-boxing, task prioritizing and addressing personal tasks in a smaller time frame.

You can create a personal or work routine by setting lengths for each task at hand and getting notified when time runs out.

I have been looking for a minimalistic time-boxer app like this all over the App Store for quite some time to help with my procrastination, and I had never bothered to take a look at this one so one could evidently say I fell under the ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. I’m grateful I found this diamond in the rough.

The app makes things so much more vivid and clear when you have the list in front of you, either for the next five minutes, 30 minutes, an hour or even the day, all within a set time frame.

The best way to start being a great leader is to be able to manage yourself effectively, and this app definitely helps with that. I wish I had this years ago so I could have developed this habit sooner. It even helps me schedule my meals, breaks or even snack breaks so they don’t get out of hand and lead to a five-hour nap.

I was trying out Sloth on an iPhone device, and the app is incredibly straightforward and user friendly. Tools and features pop up at every appropriate turn, and they’re hidden when not needed. Simple gesture-based controls work as you’d expect, although some take a little practice to master.

You can preview anything before implementing it, and if you make a mistake, multiple undos are supported. You can even whiz through tasks without leaving the notification center to make things less complex.