Emergency alerts sent out to St. Edward’s University, unclear if test or malfunction

Staff Report

For a moment Tuesday, St. Edward’s University was the scene of a homicide and an aggravated assault, according to SEU Alerts sent via text and email.

Mischelle Diaz, university director of communications, said that a malfunction caused the alerts to be issued. However, a text sent two minutes after the orginal aggravated assault message said the SEU Alerts were only tests. Another text was sent 6:46 p.m. reiterating that the SEU Alerts were “erroneously sent” as a part of a test.

While the university sent out a text to invalidate the initial text, there were no such follow ups to the emails.

Diaz said the university is trying to determine why the messages were sent out.

Students voiced their frustrations about the SEU Alerts.

“Thank you to the idiots that sent out the text message … during one of the biggest exams of the semester,” junior Dominick Namis said on Facebook. “Next time write “THIS IS ONLY A TEST” at the beginning of the damn text.”

It is still unclear whether the SEU Alerts were a part of a test by UPD or a malfunction.