St. Edward’s University general education curriculum to undergo changes

Significant changes are being proposed to the General Education Curriculum.

Currently, St. Edward’s University requires its students to take 57 hours of general education courses. The new proposal would reduce that to 44.

If approved on schedule, the changes would go into effect with freshmen entering in Fall 2018, Director of General Education Cory Lock said.

Students enrolled before that time would have the option to switch degree plans to the new system, but will not be required to do so.

Some current general education courses could be added to a student’s major requirements, but would allow students to pursue double majors, minors or study abroad easier, Lock said.

Either the Assembly, which is made of tenure-track faculty members, or the Collegium, which includes contingent faculty members, or both, will make the final vote on the proposal. As of Feb. 9, it’s unclear who will vote. The Faculty Senate will determine which group or groups will vote by Feb. 12.

The earliest a final vote will be taken to accept the new proposal is late March, Lock said.