Freshman Lennon-lover talks about tattoo, past in terms of the Beatles

As people, we often use music as a source of guidance, a way to help us in our darkest of times. Baltimore-native freshman Lauren Warner has been able to implement this very idea in her recent tattoo.

Music has surely played an influential role in Warner’s life.

“I play a lot of music; it’s definitely a lot of what I think my life is about — good tunes,” Warner said.

From this fact alone, it is no surprise that Warner’s second tattoo is of John Lennon singing, located on her left calf.

Warner got the intricately detailed tattoo during the first week of her second semester by Nathan Hebert, also known as one of the best tattoo artists in Austin.

Warner’s love for the Beatles and John Lennon began after hearing one of the Beatles’ albums for the first time when she was seven.

“I think that’s where music started for me,” Warner said, “I had no friends when I was younger, so I think that’s how I made friends: with the Beatles.”

Warner’s fascination with the band even led her to develop a British accent at one time after watching interviews and listening to their music so frequently.

John Lennon, specifically, is who has inspired and guided Warner throughout her life since she was young, and because of this she “wanted an ode to the person who has inspired me most of my life”.

In observation, it seems as though the perpetualness of a tattoo exists on the bodies of many to serve as a reminder; you can’t help but feel a certain way every time you lay eyes on it.

For Warner, it serves as a reminder of why she is here today.

“It inspires for me to remember my dreams, remember why I’m here. I came to Austin to do music in whatever form or way,” Warner said. “It inspires me to write a song and remember who I am.”

Lennon’s philosophies on the simplicity and carefree nature of life show Warner the importance of her journey.

The Beatles and Lennon have surely inspired Warner to go on the right path as she pursues a life of music here in the live music capital of the world.

She does this not only in her studies in digital media management here at St. Edward’s University, but also by playing music in the band the Dead Coats and participating in Topper Radio.

“People had friends, and I had the Beatles, and that was fine for me,” Warner said.

Warner summed up the truth of being true to who you are and what you want: letting the music guide you in the path you are meant to follow.

Warner has used this icon to propel her into the future she chooses for herself, knowing and believing that it is the right path for her.