Lecrae’s new album ‘Church Clothes 3’ promotes Christian values, speaks on social issue


Photo Courtesy of Ty Hyten

Lecrae has done it again! With the release of his mixtape “Church Clothes 3,” Lecrae has further solidified Christian hip-hop as a legitimate genre.

The mixtape features other hip-hop gospel greats such as Propaganda, KB and E-40. The mixtape was dropped alongside a short film of the same title.

The album, which is produced by the Grammy Award-winning producer S1 (the same guy who produced Kanye and Jay-Z), is obviously a piece of artistic genius.

Lecrae, as expected, uses his platform as one of the most recognized hip-hop gospel artists to speak on social issues, such as the exploitation of children into sex work, violence in the black community, police brutality and the objectification of women.

In “Gangland,” the second song from “Church Clothes 3,” Lecrae – with help from Propaganda – addresses race, poverty, drugs and their connection to the increase of gang activity.

Lecrae not only highlights the reality of the problems, but offers the salvation of Jesus as a solution. He raps that by recreating the love of God in the way we treat others, we can combat many of these problems.

The genre under which Lecrae’s music is published can have some non-Christian people feeling like it is not for them, but the core of Lecrae’s message speaks to every type of person.

Lecrae’s message in his “Church Clothes” trio is simply that society ought to take notice of the plight of others and do everything possible to help our brethren.

Lecrae’s creative genius and infectious energy that fans experience in “Church Clothes 3” will be more intensified when he goes on tour. He will be making six stops in Texas in February and March. To see Lecrae’s full tour itinerary, click here.