Slow Magic

Hannah Lieck

During the height of the show, Slow Magic — a guy in a zebra mask — picks up a tom-tom, runs into the audience with it, and drums wildly while crowd surrounds him. He does this at all of his shows, but it doesn’t get old. Fans are always seeking any kind of interaction with artists.

Slow Magic is a one-man band — a guy that makes beats on his laptop and drums to them during shows. He’s toured with other more popular electronic bands like XXYYXX, Gold Panda and Blackbird Blackbird, opening for them at venues across the U.S. and Europe.

He gave a sprightly performance, jumping up and down the whole time while drumming and trying — but failing — to parkour off the speakers. In all of his energy though, he went off beat a few times. That really bothered me. If you’re going to do something to get the crowd going, you still have to be able to play. You can’t compromise your music for a fun performance.

Halfway through, his light-up zebra mask started to slip off. He had to gallop backstage and have it fixed, returning with duct tape hanging off his zebra ear.

The “Who’s the man behind the mask?” mystery Slow Magic tries to create doesn’t exactly intrigue people. I guess you have to be Daft Punk or Batman to pull that off. Still, I must respect his humility, which drives him to remain anonymous despite his growing fame.

His show was fun. But when he started playing a remix of Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name,” I left; DJ’s always do that stuff to be whimsical. It’s been done too many times, and it’s not funny anymore.