Topper Radio moves to new studio, diversifies student programming

At the beginning of the semester Topper Radio made changes to their station, which has broadcasted for over two years now, and the result is a steady amount of listeners.

By switching systems to a new studio, their Internet based 24-hour streaming that is now mobile compatible from and new additions of over 20 new staff members, which consist largely of freshman, Topper Radio has set a tone on the fast track for years to come.

Those new to the staff have contributed to the creation of double the amount of shows. For example, a new show entitled “World’s Strongest Boy” hosted by freshman Isaiah Hough premiered Nov. 18 at 1 a.m., featured international hip hop and also included freshman Ellie Fishbourne, a reporter for Hilltop Views, for an introduction at the start of the hour.

Inspiration for the topic of international hip hop was the first thing that came to Hough’s mind.

“I know there’s a lot of students here who are from different parts of the world. It was fun finding artists who were from Africa or Korea who had an American touch to their foreign sound,” Hough said.

While more live sessions such as these are being incorporated into Topper Radio, listeners can also expect even more live sessions next semester featuring musicians at St. Edward’s that wish to be aired on Topper Radio and even taped for a YouTube video as well.

Also in the works for next semester are plans to allow students to sign up for time slots to voice their opinions, their mind, or simply choose songs to play.

Depending on the hour one tunes in at, Topper Radio dishes music for all listeners to enjoy from alternative rock to hip hop, truly capturing the Austin music scene.

Besides changes in student involvement, streaming and staff, executive changes have also taken place at Topper Radio since senior Jesse Plaza, former executive director, has passed the gauntlet onto junior Kanyarat Maliwan. Maliwan also hosts a show on Topper Radio called Pants Optional, which mostly includes alternative tunes.

“We’ve been heavily focused on our on campus presence and our abilities for students to develop their media skills,” Plaza said.

Going into yet another semester as executive director, Maliwan has plans set to further increase the involvement of the St. Edward’s campus with Topper Radio.

“We want to literally open our doors to students and show them that we’re not just an organization made of these [staff]; we want Topper Radio to be an outlet for all students to be able to express their creativity,” Maliwan said.