Burger Bar on Congress serves up delicious queso cheese fries, burgers


Burger Bar is downtown on Congress Avenue.

Built into a wall at the luxurious JW Marriott Hotel on Congress Avenue is Burger Bar, a fairly well-priced fast-food counter.

As you can probably already tell by the name, Burger Bar sells — wait for it — burgers! Oh, and a chicken sandwich. Items on the menu range from $2 to $6.25.

When I visited Burger Bar, I bought a cheeseburger, queso cheese fries and a soda for a little less than $10. 

While slightly more expensive than P. Terry’s, the food was good. The item that stood out the most was the queso cheese fries.

They were completely covered in Austin’s most favorite sauce: queso. The masterminds behind Burger Bar could have cut corners and offered fries sprinkled with shredded cheese, but that doesn’t scream Austin food.

Pour queso onto almost anything here in Austin and there’s surely someone who’ll eat it. 

The combination of Burger Bar’s queso and fries was a perfect match. 

Learn from my mistake and get a fork to eat your fries. Trust me, you’ll need it if you don’t feel like picking queso off of your hands for a couple of hours.

The burger was good too, but not as good as those fries. I ordered a single cheeseburger, but if you’re starving, go for the double. The patties are somewhat small and thin, so springing for the extra meat is well worth it.

Everything tastes fresh and made to order just for you at Burger Bar.

As for the desserts, go for the peanut butter pretzel milkshake. It’s salty and sweet and even has a crunch. Just be prepared to unclog your straw from the pretzel pieces. They tend to get stuck stopping the flow of the delicious milkshake.

Your food is served to you in a box instead of a bag, which means one thing: easy access. The only thing that matters when it comes to queso cheese fries is how fast I can get my hands on them.

The downside of Burger Bar is that there’s nowhere to actually sit and eat. There are some tables off to the side to stand and eat but the sun and glare from the stainless steel gets in your eyes. There are benches near the bar, but no place to actually rest your food other than your lap. So be prepared to hold your food in your lap, stand somewhere with tons of glare in your eyes or walk and eat.

Burger Bar is a cool concept that everyone should try once if they’re downtown. Yeah, it doesn’t have that Austin flare like many other restaurants have, but they do have queso cheese fries and that’s what matters.

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