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Jasmine Kim, a Senior at St. Edward’s University is an only child, so she treated her pet cat, Michael, like a sibling. Michael only trusted her enough to curl up on her lap.

When Michael passed away to cancer last October, Kim wanted to get a tattoo to remember her pet who was like a member of the family.

“Michael was like a brother to me,” Kim said. “So when I found out that he passed away while I was here at school, it was really devastating and I was pretty sad for a while.”

Kim designed her own tattoo featuring the cat’s trademark black spot on the top of his head. She got it inked onto her forearm at Atomic Tattoo last February.

“I used to plan to study art before becoming a communications major. I wanted to make the tattoo even more personal by designing it myself,” Kim said.

While Kim definitely wants to get more tattoos, she wants her future tattoos to be meaningful to her, and only has this tattoo for now. When asked if she would want to design her future tattoos, she said “absolutely.”