Vanilla Orchid out: Jo’s once again changes their sandwich line-up

Jo’s Coffee House has recently added various food items to their menu due to the drop of their previous supplier, Vanilla Orchid.

Jo’s General Manager Amy Thompson said the cafe changed suppliers after Vanilla Orchid gave notice that they would be unable to supply them with sandwiches due to the high volume of business they had recently experienced.

“We liked Vanilla Orchid,” Thompson said, “[but] they were unable to handle the production for us.”

Thompson said that Vanilla Orchid had begun receiving more customers than they could handle and as a result, they had to stop supplying Jo’s in the interest of quality control.

“It was a rush to find [a company] that could handle this much volume,” Thompson said.

In addition to changing their sandwiches, Jo’s routinely switches up their food and beverage selection, periodically adding new drinks and pastries to the menu, typically on a seasonal basis, Thompson said.

“[The sandwiches] are just one of the many new things we want to bring in,” Thompson said.

Thompson mentioned that aside from the dry goods, the coffee shop is slated to come out with a new drink this Friday, called “Fall Spice,” which would be made with a custom, homemade syrup featuring a blend of spices.

For the most part, these new goods are available at all Jo’s locations, but there are some items that are unique to the Jo’s on campus, such as the breakfast tacos, which are supplied by Fresa’s tacos.

Although Thompson acknowledges that the options at Jo’s are more expensive than the average college student would hope, she said the quality of the ingredients increase the price.

“It’s not convenient store quality,” Thompson said, “[good quality items] cost a little bit more to get.”

“It’s all natural, hand made and it’s fresh every morning,” Jo’s employee Ali Stephens said. “Jo’s is the best place on campus to hang out, to study and has the friendliest service.”

Some, however, are still unsure about the change.

“I go maybe once or twice a week when Rags isn’t open. They’re pretty good, it’s just I have no other alternative on campus,” freshmen Ashley Abbott said. She also says she likes the old brand better, but still recommends trying the sandwiches.

Senior Christopher Jackson disagrees, saying he likes these products better than what they had last year because of the increased quality.

“I always get one of their sandwiches. There’s a nice variety and there are vegetarian option. They’re expensive, but I keep buying them,” Jackson said. “They’re more creative, but they’re not warm. That’s the only disadvantage.”