Late-night radio show enjoyable, features intriguing callers

“Coast to Coast,” an A.M. radio station that airs from 12 a.m. to 4 a.m. Central Standard Time generates nearly three million listeners a week.

Since 1984, the show has provided an array of subjects discussed with full disclosure: the paranormal, supernatural, extraterrestrial, ancient mysteries and the flat out bizarre are just a few categories the program prides itself on.

There are guest hosts that are usually writers from different fields and live callers that could be tuning in from the middle of nowhere.

It doesn’t matter what background the speaker comes from; each individual story makes you wonder if the speaker knows how their anecdote sounds as they recite it to millions of people a week.

“Coast to Coast” has been the subject of criticism for “promoting” unreliable data. But you don’t have to believe anything being discussed to enjoy the show. For example, I’m not enticed by a place because of the possibility that it may be haunted; the supernatural isn’t something I’m at all invested in. However, when listening to a story about a man’s experience with life after death, I’m more interested in how his story ends than how to rationalize it in its entirety.

It’s definitely not as kitschy as it may sound. Although many of the guests are pretty out there, the sincerity present in “Coast to Coast” reveals its purpose to be the only source of its kind. Whether or not there’s empirical evidence in every story told is irrelevant. The whole point of the program is to be a platform for storytelling, late at night, when you feel like you’re the only one listening.