Of Monsters and Men push their Austin City Limits

Life & Arts Editor

Of Monsters and Men are surprisingly unique, entertaining and skilled performers. They didn’t compromise their image for the venue; unlike a lot of other bands, the singers didn’t talk to the crowd about the heat or smoking weed. They did their thing on stage without trying to impress anybody and, in doing so, impressed everybody. They were natural and peaceful and present, so their performance was too.

There were maybe ten musicians on stage playing a hundred different instruments: accordion, trumpet, guitar — electric and acoustic — tambourine, those drums you bang with big sticks that have fur at the end.

Of Monsters and Men seems to get a bad rap from people who don’t like mainstream because their one song “Little Talks” took off; those people have probably never been to one of their shows.

The band is from Keflavík, Iceland. Maybe it’s the Icelandic mainstream, but by American standards, their style is different.

Their whole set sounded like one epic lullaby.