Student’s phonograph tattoo showcases her love for classic rock


Duane wanted her tattoo showcased.


Sophomore Taylor Duane has a handful of tattoos on her body, but she has recently added the fifth, and the largest, to her collection.

A fan of old music in general, Duane is a collector of vinyl records and has a passion for older rock bands. What better way to tribute to old classic music than to get a tattoo of a phonograph?

Duane decided to get this tattoo of a phonograph surrounded by flowers placed on her left thigh because she wanted a larger tattoo for a change.

“Honestly, I wanted a big tattoo because you can’t see my other ones all that well,” Duane said.

She got it done at Triple Crown Tattoo here in Austin by tattoo artist Annie Alonzi.

“It took three hours to do, and I’m still thinking about getting it colored.”

Duane talked about the pain she had to endure for this piece.

“It wasn’t unbearable, and it didn’t hurt that much at first, but an hour into it my skin started feeling pretty raw.”

The city of Austin is pretty embracing of tattoos for the most part, and St. Edward’s campus is liberal in nature; but there are still some people who disagree with tattoos. We asked Duane if anyone has ever said anything negative about her tattoo.

“One time I was walking in Moody Hall up the stairs and a woman who was walking the opposite way, stopped in her tracks. She asked me if my tattoo was a thigh tattoo and I said ‘yes.’ Then she said ‘Why is everyone getting those? This is a disaster!’ and proceeded to go on with her day probably insulting other people about things that have nothing to do with her.”

Although this comment might have been discouraging to some people, Duane still very much loves her tattoo and is happy with her decision of getting it done.

“I think it’s funny, and it entertains me how much people care about what I do with my body. Having a giant picture on my thigh isn’t hurting anyone. People who are afraid to get tattoos just because they are worried about what other people will think of them should just go ahead and do it if it makes them happy,” Duane said.

There are many parts to this tattoo: the phonograph, the design inside and the flowers that are interwoven into the image of the phonograph.

Duane says that her favorite thing about her piece is that it is a unique design, it is bold and it makes a statement. Duane is planning on getting this tattoo colored when she has the time, and wants to get a similar sized tattoo on her other thigh to have her legs match.

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