Camp counselor’s first tattoo inspired by pivotal summer work experience

Junior Caitlin Laughlin recently got her first tattoo, inspired by her time working at Akron Rotary Camp for children and adults with special needs.

Laughlin has worked at the camp for almost three years now, and recently got the camp’s logo tattooed on her right ankle. She chose to get it on her leg as it signifies her ability to walk, which many people take for granted; it reminds her to stay positive.

“I was inspired to get this tattoo because my campers inspire me daily and have completely changed my life, they persevere through so much and being at camp is the one place where everyone there — campers, counselors, volunteers, can completely be themselves away from any judgment,” Laughlin said.

This was her first tattoo and going into it Laughlin was definitely nervous. Her and her two co-counselors had been planning to get the tattoos for a while and all went together for their appointments to help calm each other’s nerves.

“I had heard going into it that the foot is a really sensitive spot to tattoo and it was,” Laughlin said. “I still really enjoyed the experience because I got to get it done with my friends.”

After this tattoo Laughlin is considering one day getting the Holy Cross symbol of the cross and anchors tattooed on the back of her neck. She went to a Holy Cross high school and while being at St. Edward’s the values and mission of the Holy Cross have continued to shape her into the person she is today.

“I think tattoos are great, I think they are an art form and great way for people to visibly show different aspects of their personalities,” Laughlin said.

When asked if she has any advice for someone thinking about getting their first tattoo, Laughlin said that she would definitely recommend getting a tattoo as long as it really means something.

“This tattoo will stay relevant because I can look at it and not only remember the great times I had at camp and the amazing things I have seen my campers accomplish, but to remember to create a world with only abilities every day of my life,” Laughlin said.