Well known Franklin BBQ brings people from many places to taste delicious meats


Franklin’s Barbeque is well known throughout Austin by local residents and tourists as one of the top places to go for BBQ in the city.

I stood in line for about an hour and a half. During that time, I met people from Ohio, Delaware and Houston. I did not expect to meet such a diverse group of people while simply waiting in line for BBQ.

The experience I had while waiting really made the time go by that much faster. Getting the chance to meet new people I would not otherwise have met or talked to really made the wait bearable while standing in the heat of the day.

Even the service in the line was well noted. One employee walked around, with a constant smile on her face, answering questions about the restaurant and taking drink orders while we waited. The friendly and talkative employees really helped build the hospitality of the restaurant all the way to the front of the line.

While waiting, we discussed multiple food attractions in Austin.

One particular group I talked to, who I learned worked in the food industry, came all the way from Boston. In the past 3 days, they ate at 15 different BBQ places in and around the city of Austin.

“Louie Mueller’s place in Taylor was up there, but this place is great too,” one man from the group said.

Franklin, before he opened his own food truck, worked for John Mueller Meat Co., which is run by the grandson of Louie Mueller BBQ in Taylor. The recipes are similar but each place has their own distinct flare to them.

Being so closely compared to the original roots of his BBQ experience says a lot about the influence of his restaurant.

Franklin seasons his brisket just right to give it the flavor everyone looks for in their BBQ. The lean brisket surrounded by the crisp, slightly burnt edges makes customer’s mouths water just thinking about it. Top it off with Franklin’s espresso sauce and you’ll never want to leave.

His smoked turkey and ribs are equally as mouthwatering. They both are served with a pepper-rimmed crust that is even better than it sounds. The sides, such as the coleslaw and beans, are as good as any other place but compliment the main course, well.

“My son-in-law returned from a nine-month deployment to El Paso and, while we are in Texas, we thought we would see the best of San Antonio and Austin,” Scott, one of the customers I spoke to in line, said.

“Yes, the food here has been the best part. Up in Ohio, we don’t have a huge food culture. So, it’s a great experience,” Scott’s wife Janice said.

Franklin’s BBQ has been successful in forming a name for itself in both local Austin residents and tourists minds; I think this is what sets him apart from other BBQ places in Austin.

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