Bowie BBQ, located inside downtown Whole Foods, serves decently priced, high quality food


Imagine: an onsite hickory-fed barbecue pit, monstrous slabs of glistening meat, juicy pieces of lean with strips of delicious fat charred black at the tips, an experienced pit master and a small town vibe that invites you back for more.

Now what if I told you that this was inside a grocery store? You might think I am joking, but a short drive to the flagship Whole Foods on Lamar will make you a believer.

This is Bowie BBQ inside Whole Foods, and the owners here take pride in their work. They serve at a counter inside the store and for a decent price, you can enjoy some of the best meats in Austin. For college students on a budget, they have sandwich options that keep your wallet and stomach happy.

I ordered the sliced beef brisket plate with coleslaw and mac-and-cheese. The slaw was light and unique with red bell peppers in it, the mac and cheese was rich and warm, like the stuff grandma makes back home and the meat was fantastic. I have never seen a cut so marbled with fat, so tender and tasteful — it was heavenly.

After polishing off this plate, I went back for some more. I ordered a sausage and was pleased to discover it was jalapeño cheddar. The pork was less than great but the cheese and jalapeño worked well together.

My biggest complaint came from the lack of quality sauces. The sauce they had was store brand and was too tangy for my taste. Despite this, I had a good experience at Bowie BBQ and would recommend it to anyone.

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