Metalcore band’s new album expands horizons, furthers sound


Bring Me the Horizon explores new horizons.


After forming in 2004, Bring Me The Horizon has transformed from an underground act to an international music authority. 

From Sheffield, Yorkshire, the band is known for revolutionizing the metal scene with their alternative twist on the genre. Each of their records carry a distinctly different sound, keeping fans to guess their next move. Beginning with metalcore, the group has now shifted into a hard rock tone. With pop and electronic elements mixed into their work, the band has gained an impressive worldwide following over the past decade — making them one of the few metal groups to hit mainstream success.

Their fifth studio album, “That’s The Spirit,” was released on Sept. 11. 

Fans are calling this a “BMTH world domination.” 

The album begins with a softer tone in “Doomed,” carrying different ominous sounds to lure listeners in. 

The next few tracks, “Happy Song,” “Throne,” and “True Friends,” were singles that the band released prior to the full record. The three songs display the group’s metal roots in a head banging, fast-paced way. 

“Happy Song” brings an uplifting chant, while the next two carry a similar message of overcoming and embracing rough pasts. 

Other songs on the album are “Follow You” is relatively a love song, with a dark spin added in the lyrics such as “you can drag me through hell if it meant I could hold your hand.” 

A favorite from the album is “What You Need,” a song sure to become a rock anthem in their massive crowds. The track mixes a low pace in building up to a gripping chorus and wrecking bass. 

The seventh on the list, “Avalanche,” sets a lighter mood with lyrics that open up their vulnerability — all while using powerful shifts in their music. 

“Run” is the closest to a model rock song out of all on the album, displaying frontman Oli Sykes’ transformation in vocals. 

Although recently re-recorded, “Drown” was the first single issued by the band. It gained great critical response along with numerous spots on charts around the world. 

Closing the album are the songs “Blasphemy” and “Oh No.” Each contain a haunting groove and a thunderous use of instruments from the band’s talented lineup of musicians.

Overall, the album carries a theme of celebrating darkness. 

The cover is a simple shade of black, representing the outside shadow we all carry. 

Their message is to accept these emotions to discover the better in ourselves- which then reveals the inside of the album that is full of color. 

Bring Me The Horizon has completely evolved in sound, difficult to categorize into one genre. 

However, they continue to thrive in their music with a growing international audience. They will be playing Austin Music Hall Oct. 18 to perform songs from their highly praised album, “That’s The Spirit.”