Audience orders pack of laughs, SNL writer John Mulaney delivers

If you have ever wondered what it is like to watch a grown man who looks like a 12-year-old in a suit do standup comedy, John Mulaney’s “New In Town” is definitely for you. 

Mulaney has written for Saturday Night Live and multiple other comedic masterpieces so there is no surprise that his stand up is absolutely golden.

I first watched this comedy special with my brother last year and I still laugh at each joke three views later. 

It is the show I go back to when I have a bad day and need a good laugh. 

If I ever watch this and do not laugh, send help, there is something terribly wrong.

His jokes start off innocent enough with references to his childhood and how his baby sitter was only 13 when he was ten, which is “like hiring a horse to watch your dog.” 

The first 10 minutes are like stretching before a long run. 

They warm up your muscles and prepare you for the rest of the routine. 

He also carries some of the jokes throughout the performance, which means you should pay attention to the entire thing because it makes the experience that much more enjoyable.

Then things get serious and you have to worry about the level of laughter coming out of your mouth because you don’t want everyone in your hall to know what it sounds like when you laugh so hard that you start crying. 

I don’t want to spoil anything, but the laughs really start coming when he goes into why he doesn’t drink anymore.

His finale is really the best part. 

You see, Mulaney has apparently suffered from anxiety for most of his life and instead of seeing a psychiatrist or telling his doctor the truth about how he is feeling, he takes his friend’s advice and lies. 

Let’s just say this ends in a very uncomfortable doctor’s visit that nobody wants to experience; but hey, at least he got a good joke out of it!

So basically, if you like laughing, watch this on Netflix. 

If you don’t like laughing, you should really get that sorted out because that sounds like a deep seeded issue.