View from Tex-Mex restaurant, Hula Hut, better than the tortillas


Be careful of your friends fingers when you have these tacos on your plate!


Sept. 15 was my friend Pilar’s 21st birthday and the perfect opportunity to do a food review on a new restaurant. The restaurant of choice was Hula Hut.

As a native Houstonian, I’m used to good eats, so coming to Austin I am looking for food that will rock my world.

So it’s Pilar’s Birthday. I haven’t eaten all day so I’m hungry.

4:30 p.m., I am waiting for class to release so I can be that much closer to eating.

6:00 p.m., I eat a small snack to suppress the hunger, but it just isn’t enough. It’s never enough. Dinner’s at eight and I am dying.

Fast forward to our very late arrival. Everyone’s already eating. The waiters are fast with the menu, giving and taking my order. I chose the “Montego Bay Shrimp Taco’s, (“crispy fried shrimp with shredded red cabbage, fresh cilantro and jalapeno-lime sauce in homemade tortillas.”)

Did this meal live up to it’s semi-detailed description? More or less.

Here is my break down:

Flour tortillas: They tasted more store bought than “homemade” as the menu described.

Shredded red cabbage: Tasted fresh and added that extra crunch.

Fried shrimp: Delicately fried. It wasn’t overly battered to the point that it took away the true flavor of the shrimp.

Jalapeno-lime sauce: Creamy; Contained what appeared to be granules of cilantro and tasted more of citrus than jalapeno. Accompanied with a slice of lime to the side, which I felt added a tropical punch and enhanced the flavor of the sauce and shrimp.

The tacos were served with refried beans and spanish rice.

While I didn’t care much for the sides, the tacos were worth sharing. Literally. It seemed as if everyone was eating off of my plate.

With it’s location by the water, the view was gorgeous — a 180 degree view of lake Austin with festive string lights. Being seated over a body of water created for an exhilarating and exciting experience. 

Overall, I recommend this restaurant. It’s a great place to go to celebrate.