La BBQ has plethora of meats; comes highly recommended


When first walking into La BBQ, just east of downtown on Cesar Chavez, you will notice the openness of the place. There are picnic tables, tents, and umbrellas for shade right next to a massive BBQ pit. There are two exhaust pipes rising from the pit bellowing with aromatic smoke.

I talked to a few patrons who claimed to be regulars, and they gave me their recommendations. The first thing I ordered was the homemade sausage link. At first I was taken back by the density of the meat, but after taking a bite I was pleasantly surprised. Black pepper and a trio of spices combine for a tasty kick that really works. Next up was the turkey, which was seasoned in black pepper.

The first thing you will notice when taking a bite is how succulent the meat is. It was incredibly tender and tasteful; I highly recommend it. Last but not least was the pulled pork, made of lean meat, fat, crispy bits of charred meat and pickled pink onions. A hint of vinegar added to the overall taste of the pork. It was a bit salty but otherwise delicious.

La BBQ is a great joint with a variety of options, any one of which would leave you satisfied. Highly recommended.

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