‘Out of dust’ tattoo encourages St. Edward’s Theater major in her faith


The tattoo encourages the theater major.


Freshman Viviel Bohler recently got her first tattoo of the quote “Out of Dust”. The quote, located on her ribs, serves as inspiration to Bohler every time she sees it.

“‘Out of Dust’ reminds me of how God made Adam from dust. It means to me that God can make beautiful things out of a bad situation,” said Bohler.

Bohler is a dedicated student and a Theater major here at St. Edward’s University. She works hard to maintain good grades and a positive outlook on life. Her faith has helped her through many hard times and her tattoo reminds her to always look on the bright side.

“I wanted the tattoo in a place where I could see it, but also somewhere I could cover it up if need be, like for a job interview or a theater performance,” said Bohler.

Though she has a very high pain tolerance, Bohler found that getting her tattoo was extremely painful. The ribs are one of the most intensely painful places to get tattoos, but Bohler believes it was all worth it.

“To people thinking about getting a tattoo, make sure it is something you can live with seeing your whole life. Try not to get something that you could end up growing out of. Don’t be hasty, and take your time thinking about what you want exactly,” Bohler said.

Bohler is considering getting another meaningful tattoo in the future but is not sure what she wants yet. She loves her current tattoo and will continue to look to it as a reminder of her faith and an inspiration to maintain her optimistic attitude.

“My sisters and I, and also my dad and I, want to get matching tattoos. We aren’t sure what exactly we want yet, so we aren’t being hasty and are taking our time deciding,” said Bohler.

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