Austinites prepare: Winter is coming

Even though Texas still has a few months before the weather changes 30 degrees within a matter of days (more like hours), winter is coming and there are countless amounts of places in Austin that either shut down or are too brutal to handle during the colder months of the year. 

Here are some places you should check out before the cold hits.

1. Jump into Barton Springs

Although the spring is open year round, and the water is consistently 67 degrees, you would probably turn into an icicle if you jumped into that water during the winter. 

Even if it’s colder than 67 degrees outside, the water isn’t going to feel like jumping into a hot tub.

2. Enjoy a sweet treat at Bananarchy

If you like bananas, go to Bananarchy. It’s that simple. 

Their dipped frozen bananas are to die for, and they’re only served during banana season. When is banana season? The warmer months of the year. Go to Bananarchy before they close for the winter!

3. Watch the bats fly out from under the Congress Avenue Bridge

At sunset, thousands of bats form a black cloud and fly into the sky from underneath Congress Avenue Bridge to hunt for food. 

The bats leave Austin usually by the first week of November to migrate for the winter, so make sure you see the bats fly before they leave the city!

4. Enjoy the water at Lady Bird Lake

Austin has many activities to offer on the lake, including stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking. 

Unless you have some sort of full body surf suit that will keep you warm, good luck keeping warm at the lake during the winter months. If you want to be in your bathing suit, standing on a paddleboard with brutal winter currents, go for it. If not, go enjoy the water!

5. Be adventurous at Hippie Hollow

Austin’s clothing-optional swimming pool is either terrifying or exciting for people. If you’re interested in going, go before winter starts, unless you absolutely love being cold.