Sophomore gifted first tattoo by her mother, represents their relationship

Sophomore Sarah Bourestom shares a special tattoo with her mother that represents their bond.

The tattoo is located on the side of her arm.

“We both have the tattoo, hers is on her foot,” Bourestom said. “It represents the everlasting bond we have as a mother and daughter.” 

Bourestom’s mother gave her the tattoo as her 18th birthday present. 

“I’ve wanted tattoos for years and my mom knew that so she researched places around where we live to make sure I went to the safest place, which is such a mom thing to do, and she payed for it,” Bourestom said. “It was sort of a birthday/going away to college present because my birthday is in August.”

The tattoo — a feather — is drawn by Bourestom’s mother.

“My mom is big into drawing and art in general so she designed it,” she said.

Bourestom admitted that when she was deciding on the size and placement for her tattoo, a small one on the side of her arm wasn’t her original choice.

“I originally wanted it bigger and on my forearm, but my artist refused to make my first tattoo so big and noticeable because he knew a lot of people who got tattoos when they were young and then regretted it because jobs wouldn’t hire them and then they eventually got them removed,” Bourestom said. 

“He wanted me to love mine forever so we worked together to pick a place and we ended up doing the side of my arm because people really never see it unless I’m leaning my head in my hands or if they’re looking really close.” 

Bourestom’s tattoo symbolizes something special to her — her relationship with her mother — and, as a lover of tattoos, she hopes to someday add more of them to her body.

“I have a few in the works, but this is my only tattoo right now,” Bourestom said.