Interesting but not enchanting, Lifetime show fails to charm viewers


“Witches of East End,” a TV series from Lifetime, is purely a guilty pleasure to watch on Netflix. While the show is interesting, it fails to give a deeper meaning or keep the audience enraptured.

The show, about a family of witches, takes place in East End, New York, a town that seems to be crawling with paranormal activity. The series, which was cancelled after two seasons, follows the Beauchamp family, as Joanna attempts to train her daughters Freya and Ingrid in witchcraft.

When I started the series, I was really excited. I’m a fan of paranormal TV shows like “Supernatural” and “American Horror Story,” so I thought that “Witches of East End” could end up being another favorite. However, this series fell short and ended up being something that I just watched when I was looking for mindless television.

“Witches of East” has a unanimously attractive cast and enough drama to keep its viewership. At times the drama can seem never ending, but thankfully the series only runs for 23 episodes and the acting is mediocre, but not too cheesy.

Most of the drama comes from the relationships. Freya, who at the beginning of the series is engaged to Dash, a wealthy doctor, ends up in a love triangle involving his “dark and dangerous” brother Killian. Her sister Ingrid also has her share of romantic interests, but never seems to have much luck. Same goes for Joanna and their Aunt Wendy, who often joke about their “cursed” relationships.

The main controversy in this series is that there is an intruder in East End hoping to bring down the Beauchamp family. Wendy and Joanna are hundreds of years old and a curse from their grandfather keeps Freya and Ingrid in a cycle of reincarnation. This grudge against the family has been in the works for many years and is just now coming to light.

Throughout the two seasons, Freya and Ingrid become more confident and are able to handle themselves. This comes in handy as new family members and enemies constantly arrive, and the original four women have to effectively handle the situations.

I would recommend “Witches of East End” for anyone who enjoys shows about witchcraft and needs to fill their weekend with a new Netflix series. This is one of those shows where you just let the episodes play one after one and it doesn’t require much thought processing.