Letter from the Editor: Jacob Sanchez

Print Editor-in-Chief

With the recent sexual assault report at Basil Moreau Hall on April 2, it is obvious that a sexual assault can happen anywhere, including our small Catholic private school.

That is the reason why we decided months ago that Hilltop Views needed to dedicate one issue to the topic of sexual assault. While we cannot solve anything within 16 pages, we can bring this issue to light at St. Edward’s University.

From 2011 to 2013 there were five reported cases of sexual assault at St. Edward’s, according to the crime statistics released by the University Police Department under the Clery Act. But those are just the reported cases. According to PBS, about 80 percent of campus sexual assaults are never reported.

By dedicating all 16 pages of issue 11 of Hilltop Views to sexual assault, perhaps students will learn more about the university’s policies surrounding it.

Sexual assault is major issue that needs to be talked about. Yes, it is an uncomfortable subject, but for anything to change, sexual assault must be discussed.

I covered the April 2 sexual assault for Hilltop Views. It is definitely the hardest story I have ever covered as a student journalist, but it must be reported. Students, their parents and the St. Edward’s community deserve to know what occurs at their university.

Thank you,

Jacob Sanchez

Print Editor-in-Chief