Letter from the Editor: Lyanne Guarecuco

If I had to pick one recurring issue that has prevailed in headlines this year, I would easily say it has been sexual assault.

From Emma Sulcowicz’s performance art entitled “Carry That Weight” at Columbia University, to the Rolling Stone article about Jackie at UVA, to the “It’s On Us” campaign launched by President Barack Obama: everywhere I turn, there is more awareness and coverage about sexual assault, especially on college campuses.

This is our contribution to a national conversation, and I hope it helps provide students the facts and resources available to them at their home away from home.

Our editors, writers, copy editors and designers have been brainstorming, interviewing and researching for this issue during the last couple of months, and I hope that comes through to our readers. If anything we have included in this issue helps make at least one student safer, I will be happy knowing we have done our job as journalists and members of the St. Edward’s community to make this campus a better place for everyone.

For me, this issue is not just about prevention: it’s also about support and resources for those who have dealt with sexual assault personally. One newspaper issue may not change everything, but I want to think we are headed in the right direction.


Lyanne A. Guarecuco

Online Editor-in-Chief