‘House of Cards’ binge-worthy season 3 is on Netflix


Kevin Spacey stars as President Frank Underwood on Netflix’s “House of Cards.”

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After two seasons, Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) has finally achieved his dream job: President of the United States of America. However, he learns that it is easier to create an empire than to maintain one.

Season three of “House of Cards” opens a few months after the Underwoods finally gain control of the White House.

Nothing is going Underwood’s way, which is surprising after we see this man go from a congressman to president without a single ballot being cast. Now, don’t let that fool you, because Frank and Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) still continue to lie, deceive and go over the heads of decision makers to make some of their wishes come true.

This season is very policy- heavy. The president must face Congress to pass a bill, try to appoint people to important positions and confront the Russian president, Victor Petrov — the show’s version of Vladimir Putin. Political junkies will absolutely love this season because of all the policy. Normal people will enjoy it, but not as much as previous seasons.

Underwood is no longer dealing with drug-addicted politicians or killing dogs barehanded; Underwood faces opposition from both political parties, world leaders and even Claire. This is an exciting change from previous seasons because Frank is no longer this man who can snap his fingers and get what he wants.

While you watch season three, pay close attention to Claire’s hair. Yes, that may sound sexist, but her hair is her way of expressing emotions. Everything that happens with her hair reflects the decisions the first lady makes.

Claire gives us the best moment of the season when she challenges the secretary of state to a game of beer pong.

The acting this season is superb. It’s probably the best acting yet on “House of Cards.” Expect Spacey and Wright to earn a few awards in the coming year for their performances.

Just like the previous seasons, this one ends on a shocking cliffhanger that will certainly make some viewers immediately regret binge-watching. While it is made to be binged, season three has a clear beginning and a middle, but no real end. While the finale ends abruptly, it is the only logical point to end the season.

Watching Underwood try to keep his empire from tumbling — like a house of cards — is fun. However, waiting a full year for season four will hurt as much as getting hit by a train.

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